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Partnership in Self-Directed Supports

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This event explores how people living with disability and their families have built support partnerships with C-Change, a small community agency in Glasgow, Scotland. Event participants will discuss with C-Change founder, Sam Smith, the key factors that have helped these partnerships emerge.

The conversation will focus on the practicalities of setting up self-directed supports, including if people need to somehow be ‘ready’ before they can arrange their own disability supports, how people ask for this from the NDIS (or whoever their funder is), the myths that can put people off the idea, how people deal with risks that worry them, and how people might build a partnership with a community agency.
The event also focuses on information that DSO staff and peer network facilitators can take into their networks, to assist network participants explore ways to arrange self-directed supports.
In addition to DSOs, the event is open to people living with disability, family members, and staff working in advocacy, information, capacity building, planning and brokerage.
This event will be held during May and June in four locations. Each event will run from 10:00am-2:30pm. Lunch will be provided. Register for an individual event using the links below:
SYDNEY on Monday 23 May at Redfern Town Hall: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
MELBOURNE on Thursday 26 May at Jaspers Hotel: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
ADELAIDE on Friday 27 May at JFA Purple Orange: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
PERTH on Thursday 2 June at Technology Park: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

REGISTER EARLY AS NUMBERS ARE LIMITED. There is no charge to attend.
Due to project focus and logistics, we regret the event is not open to interested service provider agencies. However, a separate event is being considered for service providers. For more information, please contact