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Personal experience makes all the difference

The Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) recently partnered with Very Special Kids to commence a peer support group. Very Special Kids provides assistance for children with life-threatening conditions and provides a range of supports and services.

To kickstart discussions a series of four workshops were held that provided important basic information about transitioning to the NDIS.

The workshops were facilitated by Debby, from ACD, a parent of an adult son with a disability. Debby’s family were supported by Very Special Kids in the past and the group shared many stories about their experiences in a safe and understanding environment.

The outcome of the workshop series was an increase in knowledge and confidence of parents as they approach NDIS planning with their children. There was keen interest to continue as a Peer Support Network and the group will continue to meet regularly for ongoing discussion and peer support.

Comments from workshop participants:

‘I feel so much more informed! Your personal experience made all the difference.’

‘Really opened my eyes.’

‘Am very grateful for this opportunity to attend these workshops which have been extremely useful and informative. I liked that the presenter is a carer and can identify with us as parents. Great handouts.’

‘Very interested in continuing as a peer support group’.

For further information about Very Special Kids, email or visit

For further information about ACD Connect groups contact Janice Chan at or 03 9880 7000.