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Welcome to the Peer Connect website which provides practical information about peer networks in Australia. Its focus is on the disability community.

A peer support network is where people get together as equals to provide support to each other because of similar experiences or circumstances in their life. There is evidence that peer support can help people feel more confident, knowledgeable, capable, and less isolated.

The first tab above Find a Peer Network takes you to a list of peer networks around Australia.

The second tab above Setting up and running peer networks contains many useful Quick Guides (fact sheets) and video clips that can help you set up and run a peer support network.

The third tab Stuff peer networks talk about has lots of  Quick Guides about the topics that peer networks may want to talk about. This includes things like the NDIS, housing, employment, education, disability trusts, and how to plan.

Some of the Quick Guides you will find on this website cover more than one idea so they are available in more than one place, we hope you don’t mind but we’d rather you found them twice.

The fourth tab Peer Network Stories is a collection of stories from peer networks and their members across Australia.

The fifth tab Learning and Improvement is an online training  resource to assist peer organisations in building their evaluation capacity.

There are many benefits of peer support.

You can read about them in this paper Why Peer Support Is Awesome

In the video below members of the Families4Families Peer Support Network share what being part of a network means to them.

This website was funded through the NDIA, and is a collective initiative involving the contributions of many community organisations in Australia.

Please note that we are a team at Purple Orange that are passionate about providing you the resources you need. We hope you find this website useful, and we would love your feedback.

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