This page has information about:

  • connecting to other people
  • being part of the community.

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Information about creating connections

  • The Resourcing Families website has information about doing things in the community and getting to know people in the community.
  • The My Choice Matters website has information about getting connected with others.

  • Community Living Project have a program called Circles Initiative that helps people living with disability to build relationships.
  • The It’s up 2 me website has a free learning module about community wellbeing.
  • Clickability is an Australian disability service directory that feature ratings and reviews from people who use services. It is a platform for people to share their experiences, comments and review.
  • The Yarning Circle is a series of videos developed by members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland (ATSIDNQ) and Queenslanders with Disability Network.
  • Fighting Chance provides young adults living with disability opportunities for meaningful social participation, employment, work experience and skill development.
  • Wild Rumpus Community Services provide a range of support options for children and young people living with disability.
  • Leisure Networks work in communities building capacity to enable all people to feel more connected and included.
  • Red Thread Stories Australia Inc builds the capacity for individuals and groups to be seen, heard and valued, through the creative use of applied theatre techniques and personal stories.