Online peer support is when people in similar situations and with similar experiences share knowledge and help each other, all online.  These forums provide a community where people can get together, ask questions, share what’s going on, ‘vent’ or simply connect.

Online peer support is attractive because it’s anonymous and convenient; it is there whenever a person is available. It can provide a sense of belonging, a sense of openness without judgement and it is also cost effective, free for the user, and instantaneous.

Find an Online Network

Below is a list of online networks you can join, most pf which are in regards to the NDIS. Most of these are also Facebook groups. These have been provided to you on the basis that we know the group exists. We are not necessarily members and so cannot comment in detail about how the group operates.

Each peer network member will need to do their own research and find out what works for them. It is fairly easy to leave a group if it does not work out.

Consider the number of groups you join. Having too many could inundate your timeline and may not leave enough time for thoughtful and beneficial interaction and discussion.

NDIS related Facebook Groups

NDIS National Insurance Scheme

The official NDIS facebook page

NDIS Discussion Group

NDIS Chinese Discussion Group

NDIS Matters

A place to ask your NDIS questions.

NDIS find-a-housemate

This group helps people find NDIS housemates. You don’t have to have a disability to express an interest.

NDIS Self-Managing Participants and Their Families

A wonderful chance for people to have more control, and to reduce the impact of disability on their lives. This is a peer led group. That means we are all on the same journey, self-managing our funding, or that of a family member. The purpose of this group is for participants and families to crowd source information that is directly related to self-managing, by sharing experiences and asking questions.

NDIS School Aged Families in SA

For primary and high school aged NDIS FAMILIES in SA only.

Autism NDIS Support

An Australian support group for people who care for or are on the Autism Spectrum and are navigating the NDIS.

NDIS and Me

For Australians with Down syndrome and their families. The group aims to help its members to get ready and get the best outcomes they can from the National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS People with physical disabilities

For people with physical disabilities as a safe place to discuss their NDIS journeys

 NDIS for Aboriginal Families

A private group for Aboriginal families to understand and get the best out of the NDIS. Share stories, tips on planning, pre planning and funding management.

NDIS CoS & Plan Managers Unite

A group specifically for Support Coordinators and Plan Managers to share ideas, ask questions etc

The Carers Couch – NDIS Discussion

For carers to share information, be supportive and learn about but not limited to NDIS. Includes sharing of useful information, links on meetings and workshops as well as Facebook live events and coffee catch up

Mental Health and the NDIS – Australia

This sister group was created to allow NDIS workers, NDIS services providers, and those who are a part of this community group, a safe place to be able to access support and gain knowledge to help support their own journeys

NDIS (not Damn Interested In Seniors). =  My Aged Scare

Aims to provide up-to-date information about the support options available to older people with disability, and advocate for equality of support for those older people with disability who fall outside the NDIS.

Assistance Dogs and the NDIS

For people with assistance dogs who are applying for NDIS funding in Australia.