Down Syndrome WA


Down Syndrome WA

Down Syndrome WA works towards a strong vision of people with Down syndrome living a good life, whatever they choose that to be, being valued by the community and being able to make their contribution to the community. We provide support and information to people with Down syndrome, their families, those who support them in the community and to the wider community.

We have adopted a range of initiatives in working towards this goal:

Telephone helpline; Hospital Visiting service; new parent information package; support groups; networking; newsletters; eNews; website; facebook; developmental playgroup; education consultancy in schools; Aim High club for young adults; training workshops for teachers, child care workers and support workers; community awareness activities; involvement in research; state advocacy and national advocacy through Down Syndrome Australia.

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Cathy Donovan
Executive Officer
Phone: (08) 9368 4002

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