Peer groups will only remain running if the participants in the group feel they are getting value out of attending, and being part of the group.

To ensure your peer group is meeting the needs of the group members, it’s important to take time to get feedback from the members themselves on what they value most or least about the group.

One way to do this is through an evaluation or feedback form.

Before you set up your evaluation or feedback form there are a few things to consider:

1: What do you want/need to evaluate?

  • Meeting topics
  • Format of the group
  • Facilitator skill
  • Venue
  • Satisfaction levels
  • Individual participant outcomes
  • Specific requirements of any funding arrangement

2: How often do you want to evaluate the group?

  • Every meeting?
  • Quarterly?
  • Yearly?

Will you use the SAME evaluation every time, or will there be a need to ask different questions sometimes?

3: Think about the formats you may need to provide the evaluation form in

  • Do you need to cater for differing disability needs (vision impairment, easy read versions)
  • Will it be done in paper format at the end of a session, or online via a survey?
  • Will it be anonymous feedback?
  • How many questions do you need to ask?

(Don’t make it too long or onerous, or people won’t complete it!)

4: Taking Action post evaluation

Once you have undertaken the evaluation and analysed it – what action will you take to address any identified need?

Using an Outcomes Measurement framework to set your evaluation questions:

Ask How well are things being done?

Sample questions:

What is your satisfaction with the topics of the group meetings?

How much do you enjoy coming to the group?

Would you recommend this group to others?

How would you rate the venue the group is held in?

Were your expectations met by the group?

Ask what the change is for the participants in the group (Is anyone better off because of the group?)

Sample Questions:

Do you feel you have increased confidence in your ability to speak in the group?

Do you feel you are more able to live independently?

Do you feel you are more connected to the community through attending this peer group?

By coming to this group do you feel you better understand the NDIS?

Some questions that also allow people to tell a story, or share an experience are also very helpful

Sample Questions:

Have you made any changes in your life through being a part of this group?

What has been the most rewarding part of being in the peer group?

More information:

Survey Monkey – a free, easy to use tool to create online surveys:

Jotforms – Evaluation form templates:

Co-authored by Physical Disability Council NSW


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